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Ofer Vexler, CPA

Ofer Vexler, CPA
Certified Public Accountants & Capital Advisors

Corporate Finance

Equity raising and M&A Support

Sell side. We help to entrepreneurs engaged in hi-tech business to raise capital from investors include venture capitalists, Family Offices and private investors. In most common stage we can to find a potential buyer and help to prepare deal documents for data room.

 Buy side. We periodically make an analysis of technology companies having growth potential/ We provide to our client a necessary documentation. We manage a negotiation with target companies need and perform financial due diligence of acquired company.

Additional our service to investor is controlling function. Sometime, foreign private investor of Israeli company has not instrument to check what happens with his/her investment. We collect information, participate in shareholders/directors meeting, analyze received information and provide to our customer a reliable report about his/her investment status.

Business valuation

We have a substantial experience in companies’ valuation as service to founders, VC investors and other kind of customers. We performed valuation  in fintech, regtech, cyber, IOT and energy industries.

Our specialty is intangible assets valuation with according to IFRS rules. We have academic works and proved experience in the field.  

R&D grant and other incentives

The company also provides service to entrepreneurs engaged in R&D projects to raise a grants of Israeli Authority of Innovation or related international funds like EUREKA, BIRD, ISERD . The state funds totaling 40% -65% of the science projects to perform research and development studies, preparation of a prototype, patent registration, foreign marketing etc.

Our specialty is work with program Horizon 2020 and EIC. The firm founder Ofer Vexler serves as expert of H2020 and evaluates SME’s submissions for the grants. The fact helps as to complete the customers submission a best way and achieve more chance of the funding. 

No most important is “next day service”, after entrepreneur got grant approvement and should to prepare a reports to see the grant in his bank account. We help to our customers to complete a relevant interim and final report for receiving grants of IAI, Eureka, H2020 and other programs.   

Debt raising and project finance

The firm founder Ofer Vexler is approved expert of European bank Reconstruction and Development. Our firm has a relevant connection with commercial banks and institutional organization providing project finance and assets-based finance. We know to provide an optimal finance solution for our clients needs.  

Equity Research

Foreign organization interested in cooperation with Israeli companies afraid to do business with unknown entity. We provide equity research report explaining legal and business history of the entity and its stakeholders and our recommendation about potential related risks.

Business development

Our firm uses our customer network to increase their potential benefit. We connect our clients (especially businesses engaged in IT industry), to increase their revenues, reduce their cost and creation a new value for. We can to prepare go-to-market strategy and assist to implement it.

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