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Ofer Vexler, CPA

Ofer Vexler, CPA
Certified Public Accountants & Capital Advisors

Audit and GRC

Audit of financial reports

We perform the audit of financial statement in according with high level complied with International Standard of Auditing. We perform the full range of audit procedures in Israel, Eastern Europe as well CIS countries. Our experts have rich experience of audit performing for Israeli State Authorities, public companies, international holding and financial institutions. Our knowledge provides opportunity to translate differed kinds of financial reports to high level financial statements prepared in accordance with international standards, including GAAP and IFRS, even for companies doing business in places when International Accounting Standards not yet applied. Well performed financial statements allows to our client get investment and finance from international investment funds and banks.


Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) as an integrated concept that gained great interest recently among researchers in the Information Systems field. The need for more effective and efficient business processes in the area of financial controls drives enterprises to successfully implement GRC systems as an overall goal when they are striving for enterprise value of their integrated systems. The GRC implementation process is a significant parameter influencing the success of operational performance and financial governance and supports the practices for competitive advantage within the organizations.

We have a rich experience in analysis governance risk and compliance include a following issues:

Data privacy. Most of company holding database of private costumers are not aware that they should comply to GDPR or CCAP standards even they are not located in EU or USA. As result, they have a risk to be fined by a relevant regulator. Our team can prepare the customer   system to be complied with according to data privacy regulation.

Securities market Our firm provides reports prepared with accordance to regulation rules include EMIR, AML, MAR and MiFID/ MiFIR. Our reports are purposed to discover, evaluate and mitigate a potential risk of observed organization, regarding to trading risks.

Sustainability. Sustainability is important part of organization strategy. Organization planning related to social activity, environmental stewardship and economic prosperity would make a great impact to company long term future. Our team engaged in preparation of customers ESG report with accordance to scoring developed by Harvard University. As well, we know prepare for our client suitable SDG plan.  

We help to our customer to aware the rules of international tax reporting rules as FATCA and CRS and explain the potential related risks

Information System Audit

Risks of hacker attacks always have been a significant business threat. However, in post COVID 19 age the risks have grown significantly because intensive usage in BYOD/BYOA and massive distance work. As result, organization should reassess their IS security policy and make a relevant change.

Our firm has a virtual team enabled to perform an audit of IS include analysis of cybercrime vulnerabilities. The developed methodic allows to evaluate the customer IS readiness in any stage of cyber attack since preparation to recovery.

Additional service is preparation of customers IS to ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 certification.

As well, our firm watching for newest and economic efficient solution in Cyber RegTech and Fintech fields and recommend our customers a most optimal solution for its businesses and IS structure.


Financial Crime Risk Management include financial examinations intended to audit an organization with a view to commitment of financial crime or offence (embezzlement, fraud, deception, etc) performed by workers, managers or owners against other entity or a state. As a rule, such examinations are carried out in case of vague apprehension of offence or following   results of a crime in order to prove it and to estimate damage caused. It may happen that an organization would aware fraud in his own business, but owing to lack  or  enough evidence he is not able  to  advocate   his position in trial.  Expert opinion of FCRM expert could help to organization to prove fraud committed in his business and to indemnify money stolen. Many entrepreneurs carry out periodic preventive examinations to reveal weak points in their business permitting violators cause obvious damage to the businessman. As a rule, expenditures caused by such examinations are paid off over and above and help businessmen avoid financial risks.


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