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Finance service

Our company is engaged in preparation of documentation for bank finance or fund raising for projects and international trade. We work with a several  European banks and International Private Equity funds. We can to prepare for you Business plan, Risk Analisys Report, DM, project presentation and other necessary documentation for get to the money.

Trust Services

Our firm deals with the provision of trust services for private and business entities in Israel and abroad. These services are necessary for carrying out certain transactions and securities issuance, the allocation of employee options (ESOP), the acquisition of assets, especially when these transactions are conducted in several stages. Trust as a method of imparting properties to serve the your interests in complicated situations where. Trust is the optimal method for international investments especially if commercial law and business rules are not used for your business.
Our office provides trust services to several customers in Israel and abroad, ensuring optimal use of their assets, as well as providing the client's interests that maximum.


One of the best methods is to resolve a business dispute arbitration process. Arbitration process is simpler, friendlier and faster than the claims management process in court. During our work the firm has extensive experience performing successful arbitration by agreement of the parties and the court's instructions. The firm expertise allows us to demonstrate the flexibility of negotiators parties arbitration rules of management. According to the parties requests arbitration will be administered in order of law and the act of evidence or, alternatively, ignoring these rules.
The arbitrator decision has the status of court's verdict and, usually, is not appealable, which simplifies the further relations between the parties.

Business plans

One of the most important stages of business development is the proper cash flow management. To properly establish the business, the entrepreneur must have a sufficient financial base for its development. Sometimes it means at the disposal of the entrepreneur is not enough to achieve the goals and he is forced to seek additional funding. We provide services to entrepreneurs on preparing business plans, aimed at: an analysis of their own business, the budget for business development, raising finance in the form of investments and loans.

Preparation of grants and subsidies programs

Our team are experienced for the preparation of documents and business plans to obtain funding for the Ministry of Industry and Trade as well as research and development for industrial projects.
Ministry of Industry and Trade provides grant up to 34% of industrial establishments which have received the status of "approved enterprise". We can to prepare the necessary documents to receive the status "approved enterprise, making the plant's work plan and with the investment projects.

The company also provides service to entrepreneurs engaged in R & D projects to subsidize needy from the Office of Chief Scientist (OCS) or the related international funds like EUREKA, BIRD, ISERS . As we know, the state funds totaling 40% -65% of the science projects to perform research and development studies, preparation of a prototype, patent registration, foreign marketing etc.. Our firm deals with the preparation of documents submitted to Chief Scientist's Office, preparing business plans for project execution and negotiation with representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and assessing professional. Also, the team can to negotiate with potential investors you are supposed to complete the required funding for implementation of project execution.
Circle one of our customers and hi - tech operating in various technological fields including communications, clean tech, biotechnology and others.

Capital raising

To date, raising capital is one of the greatest challenges as a developing project and the operating business. We can make an assessment of your business, including the prospect of development for the coming years and prepare a proper financial presentation to investors. We cooperate with several venture capital funds and financial groups who invest capital in Israel and abroad.

Representation of companies in Israel

If your company does not conduct business in Israel, but you are interested to trade with Israeli companies or to invest Israel, we are ready to represent your interests. Our services include the creation of financial and legal platform for your business, negotiation, organization of deal and search for potential partners. Our clients include commercial and industrial holdings, investment groups and banks from Europe and the CIS.

Crisis management and external management

Sometimes even the most skilled managers faced with the circumstances when an economic crisis or other reasons do not permit to do business in the usual way. Bankruptcy of a major customer, the problem with the bank or decline in value of assets may lead to loss of control over the situation. And then, if necessary measures are not taken immediately, the situation could become catastrophic. Our experts, like sailors rescue boat, will help take your business out of the crisis, implement recovery programs, as well as to make the changes in the business who, for one reason or another hard to do yourself.
We specialize in drawing up recovery programs for companies, recognized temporarily insolvent. Ongoing tasks depend on the stage of insolvency.
If the company is on the first stage of the crisis, it is recommended to prepare a recreational program for the coming period. This program can be implemented with the active participation of managers and completed as soon as possible.
If against the company have already started legal suits, the best option would be to submit a request for a decision on the protection of creditors (Tsav Hakpaat Taalihim). In this case, recovery program must be approved in court, but that program will be undertaken by an external management, auditor or lawyer.
There are cases when, due to any reason the company can no longer continue to profitably do business. In these cases, the only solution would be elimination of the company, and the task managers and owners of the company will aim to minimize property damage.
We have sufficient experience in solving problems on all of these stages will help you find the best solution in this situation.


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