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Representation before tax authorities

Our office represents clients for the tax authorities on issues including negotiations problematic. We aim to give customers the most convenient communications with tax authorities. We are linked directly with the information systems of the Ministry of Finance (VAT) which allows us to offer services online. Sometimes our work involves the preparation of a compromise agreement and submitting appeals notebooks Management Committee. Arguments of the tax office issues were conscious of the Income Tax Authorities, VAT tax and praise around the country.

International Taxation

When expanding business interests is overseas, the tax analysis will be more complicated and must be taken into account the tax laws in different countries and agreements between the countries about "tax cake division" (art below). Sometimes, lack of preparedness of the international business tax issues may cause high tax burden and unwarranted. Survivor benefits granted by the relevant art in tax cases are as follows:
• International trade in a group of companies. Must take into account the provisions regarding transfer prices of goods or taxation of transactions may cost dearly.
• Transfer of intellectual property. Tax optimization may to allow low taxation of the royalties is due to distribution copyright and intellectual property.
• Relocation - change the company's residency. Your company's operations could result in states liable for transfer taxes and additional taxation of employee options.
• Foreign investments. Sometimes, in business investments and assets abroad enjoy preferential treatment in investment and Israeli investors in various countries can take advantage of tax benefits that come under the laws of different encouragement.

Our office to get advice on various issues related to taxation in Israel, USA, UK, Ukraine, Russia and other countries. We are following the nanny tax change tax policy changes in different countries. We are in close contact with our colleagues abroad, with expertise in taxation and we can provide you service in many countries around the world.

Tax Planning and optimization

Tax issues that must be considered tax authorities sometimes do not agree with various methods to reduce the tax burden. Moreover, some specific actions of tax optimization may be defined by tax authorities as an "aggressive tax planning ", must be reported in advance. If the business entity does not report on the action defined as" aggressive tax planning ", is to be may find himself under tax criminal investigation. To avoid entanglement with the tax authorities, all intended for reducing the burden of planning should be reviewed and no rigorous and comprehensive on tax experts. One of the unique activities of the firm is preparing an expert opinion in writing given to taxation; business owner should provide protection against civilian and criminal proceedings.


Due to tax ambiguity, sometimes, does not provide a business manager to get evaluation or an opinion, but requires certainty on the issue of current or future tax. In such situations the only solution is to make a decision preliminary tax (pre-rulings) when the taxpayer places the issue before the tax authorities and reaches an agreement with them in advance. We handle preparations for pre-rulings business moves to avoid uncertainty states early stages tax relief and tax decisions preliminary tax assessor and manager.


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