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Audit of financial statements

We perform the audit of financial statement in according with high level complied with International Standard of Auditing. We perform the full range of audit procedures in Israel, Eastern Europe as well CIS countries. Our experts have rich experience of audit performing for Israeli State Authorities, public companies, international holding and financial institutions . Our knowledge provides opportunity to translate differed kinds of financial reports to high level financial statements prepared in accordance with international standards, including GAAP and IFRS, even for companies doing business in places when International Accounting Standards not yet applied. Well performed financial statements allows to our client get investment and finance from international investment funds and banks.

Investigative audit

Investigative audit is financial examination intended to audit an organization with a view to commitment of financial crime or offence (embezzlement, fraud, deception, etc) performed by workers, managers or owners against other entity or a state. As a rule, such examinations are carried out in case of vague apprehension of offence or following   results of a crime in order to prove it and to estimate damage caused. It may happen that an entrepreneur witnesses  plunder in his own business, but owing to  lack  of  enough evidence he is not able  to  advocate   his position in trial.  Expert opinion of investigative auditor will help a businessman to prove fraud committed in his business and to indemnify money stolen. Many entrepreneurs carry out periodic preventive examinations to reveal weak points in their business permitting violators cause obvious damage to the businessman. As a rule, expenditures caused by such examinations are paid off over and above and help businessmen avoid financial risks.

Due diligence and business valuation

Today all investment related deals, including merger, acquisition or purchase of control of the business's are made without testing the financial activity of the invested company performed by auditor. The test which is called Due diligence - is to examine the profitability of the business situation, the true value assets and liabilities, reliability of financial reports and future potential. Candles test usually includes other elements, among other things, depending on the type of transaction:
• Acquisition of control of an active business. To make a business decision right buyer is not enough to understand the financial situation of future potential business, but also to consider dependence of the key figures who manage the business prior to acquisition.
• investment in start - up. Constitute a significant part of test execution phases of development (Milestones) by the company's current management as planned in advance. Failure to schedule in the past could endanger the company's potential future.
• merger through acquisition. (Mergers and acquisitions) such transactions require a comprehensive analysis of the merger goals (acquisition of technological advantage, market share, the cost savings). Also, very important to understand if there is synergy between the merging companies will enable the realization of business potential and reaching goals.

Business valuation is important not only potential buyer to the entrepreneur or manager as well who are looking for business financing business. Knowledge about the value of the company is managed will contribute significantly in negotiating with potential investors and other financial factors. Our office has experience in valuation of private and public companies for our clients in Israel, Eastern Europe and other countries.

Forensic Accounting

One lead specialty of our office is performing accounting and audit the overall legal needs such as preparation of legal opinions to the courts. Our office performs inspections of commercial charges related to check their suitability to the existing legislation and agreements conducted. The firm provides expert opinion for litigation (Alternatively, write protection) and commercial disputes, appeals against the tax authorities, lawsuits against banks, etc.. Working at home has high esteem in many courts in Israel.

Internal audit

In distinction  from  independent audit carried out by an independent auditor, internal audit is aimed at a company  management and comprises analysis of its  internal efficiency, observing legal norms, authentication and  verification of administrative information quality, risks analysis, etc The  internal audit is  compulsory  for public and state authorities,  and for  stock market companies, as well. However, many businessmen apply to internal audit just to examine their own risks and to detect  vulnerable points that lower their business efficiency.
Office staff have gained experience in performing internal audit work for public institutions, municipal bodies and companies traded on the TASE. Employees in the office know about the standards set by government ministries on implementation of internal audit in public bodies subject. As part of internal audit, the firm offers its clients to integrate with the implementation of internal audit fraud exposure survey (Fraud Vulnerability Study). The purpose of the survey is to identify internal control weaknesses of the organization's management system to block loopholes that may lead to fraud. Fraud Exposure survey preventive action is allows the organization to minimize the risks of fraud. In our experience, tests conducted as part of Fraud Exposure Survey contribute to various organizations to meet the criteria of modern management.

Information Systems Audit

Information technology audit is an integral part of the process of implementation of internal audit or audit investigation. Our office staff published many articles in the field of computer fraud detection and fraud detection by computer using advanced audit software. Also, the firm specializes in pre-tests that include among other things, information systems analysis and initial operation requirements inadequacy tax authorities. Expertise Our agency accounting software has received high appreciation of the domestic court decisions.

Implementing the of SOX rules

Following the discovery of many financial affairs huge fraud, since 2002 the U.S. public companies were required to implement modern control systems to improve control systems and reliability of financial reports called as Sarbanes-Oxley Act( SOX). We are implementing SOX provisions since 2004. We believe that our work has contributed to many companies to improve their level of supervision and control.

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