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Path of Genius and Innovation Management

Ofer Vexler

Harvard University

July 13, 2011

The booms and crises of the economy are subject to certain rules, seen by economists issuing tens and even hundreds of years ago. These rules also affect the development of innovation in society, creating new forms of management fo technological processes and innovation companies. Unfortunately the financial technology develops much slower than technology applied as communications and cleantech. New technology of finance and management is not less important that the development of the technology itself. In next years we expect new forms of venture and innovation funds, and new management approaches to innovation.



Valuation on Technology- Theory and Practice Approaches

Ofer Vexler

Ofer Vexler, CPA; Harvard Business Review Advisory Council

April 11, 2012

There are various methods of valuation of technology and intellectual property. Some of these methods routinely used in practice, at the same time as the other methods are not suitable for a business reality. In this paper, I analyzed the actual methods of valuation techniques used for M&A and tried to systemize these approaches. As it turned out, many theoretical approaches cannot be applied in practice. On the other hand, the rules of the market remain true. By studying the cases of theoretical valuation methods in practice, we can find the most acceptable methods of technology and IP assessment.




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